Since the foundation of the HOPE Mallorca association, we have been accompanied by the vision of family sponsorships. Within this sponsorship model, HOPE families affected by the Corona crisis are to be supported by “sponsors” through monthly contributions. The HOPE sponsor helps to pay certain fixed costs of the HOPE family such as rent, electricity, gas, water, etc. This monthly financial support is used to support the HOPE family. Through this monthly financial support, this family is given the opportunity to get out of debt spirals in order to gather the strength to start a better future with new possibilities.

To ensure the sustainability of a sponsorship, we place a social worker at the side of the families concerned. This person first checks the actual financial need of the family and then accompanies them through a development process towards a more stable future. Plans and measures are developed and implemented together. The families also receive psychological support from the social worker during the entire process.

“We are overjoyed to have now created all the framework conditions to arrange and supervise such family sponsorships.”

There is a very tragic story behind our first HOPE sponsor family. It is emblematic of the fate of so many families on Mallorca who have been hit more than hard by the Corona crisis.

It is a family of five (father Carlos, mother Anna) who wanted to move from the Canary Islands to Mallorca in April 2020 because there was a very good job offer for Carlos here on the island. In addition, Carlos’ two children, whom he missed so much in the Canary Islands, live in Mallorca. No sooner said than done, the family relocated and landed on Mallorca shortly before the lockdown. And thus began a more than dramatic story…

Carlos’ job offer was cancelled due to the exceptional situation. The family’s official registration in Mallorca was suspended because of Corona, so there was no entitlement to social benefits. The family’s financial reserves were quickly exhausted without work. Many monthly costs such as rent, water or electricity could no longer be covered. Carlos and his family quickly ended up as HOPE clients at one of our food distribution stations. Due to the constant non-payment of rent, Carlos’ landlord filed an eviction suit at some point. At the beginning of April 2021, the family was actually on the street – a situation that has affected many families on Mallorca since Corona.

We are proud and very grateful to take over our first sponsorship for this family. Since filing the eviction lawsuit, this HOPE family has been legally accompanied by Sonja Willner (lawyer and one of the founders of HOPE Mallorca). When it became clear that eviction was necessary, HOPE Mallorca rented a two-room flat for the family for 12 months. The social worker started her work.

The best news comes at the end – Carlos has had a job again since the end of April 2021. He signed the employment contract yesterday. His wife Anna also has a very good prospect of a new job. We are very excited to see how the family will develop in the coming months. In any case, with freshly gained strength and lots of hope. We will continue to report.

The names of persons used in the article are fictitious in order to protect the HOPE family concerned.

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Copyright Photo: Zoe / Unsplash