The hardship caused by COVID 19 on Mallorca is incredible and growing. Many families and businesses find themselves in a situation that threatens their existence – because almost everyone on the island depends on tourism in some way. Even if tourism is expected to recover in the summer of 2021, the situation on Mallorca will remain difficult for a long time. Only those who have worked for six months at a stretch within a year are eligible for state aid. This will probably only apply to very few people on the island. We are already preparing for a hard winter, because poverty and misery have become a sad reality on Mallorca and we have to fight against that.

On 13 May 2020, we opened the first of seven food distribution points in Santanyí. Today, HOPE Mallorca has become a strong and sustainable aid organisation, helping many thousands of people to survive the Corona crisis. Through food distribution, we fight hunger on the island. Through HOPE sponsorships, we are saving families from homelessness and over-indebtedness. Through the distribution of medical equipment and supplies, we help the disabled and sick in crisis.

Please continue to donate with the great commitment that you have
you have shown so far.

We are incredibly grateful and proud to be able to count on so many supporters, donors and volunteers like you. Without you, HOPE Mallorca would not exist and would not have grown so quickly.

The principle HELP. HOPE. LOVE. works: a strong and unbreakable community of solidarity has been created.

Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you!

Please keep donating!

Every donation – big or small – helps families and individuals on Mallorca to overcome this crisis.
to overcome this crisis.

Donation account– HOPE Mallorca e.V. 

Bank Cajamar Santanyí 
IBAN: ES96 3058 4516 4327 2000 8258 

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