On 13 August 2021, the time had finally come. At HENRY LIKES PIZZA in Santanyí, we celebrated the success of our first year of HOPE Mallorca with humility & great gratitude. After only one year, we are providing more than 4,000 people with approximately 40 tonnes of food per month through 7 HOPE Mallorca stations – all with the help of over 200 volunteers.

Celebrating with us were prominent guests such as Til and Luna Schweiger, Britt and Alex Jolig, as well as many partners, companions and supporters of HOPE Mallorca, as well as the core team of volunteers, who symbolise all the volunteers who do incredible things for HOPE Mallorca with outstanding commitment and a lot of heart and soul.

The musical highlights of the evening were MANOLO – the voice of the Gypsie Kings, Dennis Mansfeld and the DJ duo los2dos. A high-quality raffle with 150 prizes and the auction of a painting by the artist Alina Poloboc make us particularly proud and beautifully demonstrate the solidarity community that stands behind HOPE Mallorca. An incredible number of businesses, especially from Santanyí, were immediately willing to give. Thanks to Ingrid Flohr and Nadine Schrader for organising the raffle.

The HOPE MALLORCA CHARITY FESTIVAL raised 52,800€ which will now benefit the HOPE Mallorca children. School starts again in September after the summer holidays. Many families cannot afford the school material, which is around 250 € for primary school children. We are incredibly happy to be able to put a smile on so many children’s faces.

“However, our very special thanks go to our volunteers for this incredible first year of HOPE Mallorca. Without them, HOPE Mallorca would not be what we are today – Hope for Mallorca.”

The photos of the event

by ©titoboschphoto