Merry Christmas and a healthy, and Happy New Year full of help, hope and charity

Hope – what a big word. At the beginning of the pandemic, we could not have imagined how much hope we could give through a strong community in which so many people stand together, work together, help together and believe in a better future.

Now a second COVID year is drawing to a close and we are learning even more about hope. Hope is not just “a confident inward orientation coupled with a positive expectation that something desirable will occur, without any real certainty about it.” (Wikipedia) Our strong HOPE family shows us every day anew that hope can be shaped, with every small or big act of help.

“What we have all created together with HOPE Mallorca is simply incredible!”

We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and your tireless commitment. First of all, this thanks goes to all our volunteers who do an incredible job. It is simply wonderful to know that we have so many helping hands behind us, who support and accompany us through every phase of our work. We are proud of what we have been able to achieve together with you.

A huge thank you also goes to our partners, sponsors and donors. You are also a very important part of our HOPE world, because you keep our social commitment alive with every cent, every donation in kind or every action.

We are all proof that HELP, HOPE & LOVE are values that can exist – if everyone contributes a small part. Is there a more beautiful Christmas story than this?

A brief look into the past shows our common success story, which could only come into being in this dimension with each and every one of you:

On 13 May 2021, we started our first HOPE station in Santanyí. At that time, HOPE Mallorca consisted of about 10 volunteers including Heimke Mansfeld, Jasmin Nordiek and Sonja Willner. In our first small garage we started serving food to about 900 people. At that time, we bought food for a few hundred euros a week at the supermarket around the corner for each distribution.

Today, HOPE Mallorca has grown from a non-profit association into a strong and sustainable foundation that helps many thousands of people survive the Corona crisis. Through the distribution of food, we fight hunger on the island. Through HOPE sponsorships, we are saving families from homelessness and over-indebtedness. Through the distribution of medical equipment and supplies, we help disabled and sick people in crisis. Through our HOPE Mallorca Job Exchange, we have recently been placing workers from the Mallorcan labour market in companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the future, we will support Mallorcan companies in selling their 100% Mallorcan products via our online shop – all for a good cause, of course.

So far, we have supplied an average of over 6,000 food recipients (including 1,600 children) with 39 tonnes of food per month through 7 HOPE stations in Santanyí, Portocolom, S’Illot, Pollença, Can Picafort, Alcudia and Cala Bona. The number of volunteers has grown from 10 to 211.

It is wonderful to end 2021 with such a Christmas miracle – the story of an island in need that became a story of hope.

We wish you joyful and contemplative hours with your loved ones and a new year full of love, health, small miracles and just as much hope. It is so nice that you exist.

Yous Heimke, Jasmin & Sonja

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