Ukraine war: HOPE Mallorca seeks housing for refugees

The HOPE Mallorca Fundación is looking for people to offer housing for refugees from Ukraine. With its logistical experience, the humanitarian aid organisation is committed to being a contact point for people who are forced to flee Ukraine.

“War is driving more and more people from their homes. We all have a responsibility,” explains Heimke Mansfeld, President of the Foundation. In addition to donations of money and goods, the Ukrainians on Mallorca are currently in need of housing.

As a point of contact, the HOPE Mallorca Fundación will register the refugees. This facilitates access to basic support and helps keep families together or reunite separated children with their families. The first owners to make their vacant flats available to refugees have already come forward. The social need on the Balearic island is still alarming. The foundation is already providing food for more than 4,000 needy people. Ten families who have lost their homes are being supported through sponsorships.


If you would like to provide accommodation or host refugees, please fill in the form below and send it directly to: or +34 629204106.

Only with the solidarity and help of as many people as possible can the support of the increasing number of refugees from Ukraine be managed. The HOPE Mallorca Fundación would like to thank all those who helped.

The HOPE MALLORCA Fundación was founded at the beginning of the pandemic in May 2020 to support the increasing number of people in need. Today, HOPE Mallorca has grown into a strong and sustainable aid organisation helping many thousands of people to survive the corona crisis.

Volunteers are involved in six distribution stations on the island, handing out food and donations in kind. Through HOPE partnerships, families are saved from homelessness and over-indebtedness. With the distribution of medical equipment and aids, disabled and sick people receive support in times of crisis. Recently, a job exchange has been placing unemployed people in Germany.

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