Our team: Joachim Lorenz, volunteer driver

Motto: “Altruism is better than egoism”.

How did you come to HOPE?

As a pensioner, I have time that I like to use meaningfully for people who need help. And the number of people living in poverty on Mallorca has unfortunately increased dramatically due to the Corona crisis. At the beginning of 2021, I researched organisations that help those in need. The basic idea of HOPE, to help people who fall into poverty through no fault of their own, appealed to me immediately.

I wrote an email and then it happened very quickly. Just a few days later, I brought a Lidl donation from Llucmajor to Santanyí in my van – Santas and all kinds of seasonal sweets.


What do you do at HOPE?

I work as a driver. On my tours, I pick up donations for our clients. Sometimes I go to the Banco de Alimentos in Palma and to various supermarkets to pick up discarded food. Sometimes I take the donations to our six island-wide distribution stations or to clients who have difficulty leaving their homes. Some days I pick up potatoes or eggs from agricultural companies. Sometimes I also drive to private donors to pick up beds, tables or other furniture. It is unbelievable how fast HOPE has grown in one year. On the first trip, I was still using my private van, but now the foundation has two vans of its own.


What do you appreciate about your work?

What gives me the most pleasure is to see how others are happy about the donations. When I feel this gratitude, I know that my commitment is worthwhile. In general, I appreciate the direct contact and exchange with our clients as well as the volunteers in the different wards.


An experience that particularly touched you?

One? I could name quite a few. But one trip with our social worker Oscar is particularly memorable. A few weeks ago, we specifically drove along bridges in Palma and Arenal under which homeless people live. As the nights are very cold in winter, we had warm clothes, shoes and blankets with us. It was very touching to see how many people have to live in makeshift board shacks because they have been evicted from their homes.


What is HOPE for you?

An ingenious organisation founded at the right moment in the right place to secure livelihoods for people in need.





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