Medical support

Medical support in Mallorca is very limited in terms of money in the social sector. HOPE Mallorca has set itself the task of supporting children and elderly people in any form, for example with prostheses, wheelchairs, walking aids, hydraulic beds, etc. But also in special hygiene products, as these do not come under prescription here in Spain.

Increasing poverty often makes it impossible for families to raise money for special products that would make life easier for children or elderly people. This is where you can help us extremely well with product donations.

We have already been able to help:

  • 1 hearing aid.
  • 1 prosthesis.
  • 8 hydraulic beds.
  • 25 wheelchairs.
  • 20 walking aids.
  • 1 specially made wheelchair for children.
  • Special hygiene items (shampoos, creams, nappies for adults).
  • 1 special tablet for communication