Second hand furniture market

HOPE Mallorca is a private, non-profit foundation that relies on donations.
Due to the decline in donations, HOPE Mallorca has recently started a second hand furniture project as a method of self-financing.

How does it work?

HOPE Mallorca receives donations of furniture from private individuals and companies.
A list is available in the every HOPE Mallorca station where families can request furniture according to their needs. As soon as the foundation receives the desired piece of furniture, it is made available to the families free of charge.

The furniture that is not requested by the families of HOPE Mallorca is offered for sale on our Facebook page at a reduced price to raise funding for the Foundation’s various social projects (food, school reinforcement, etc.).

Would you also like to donate furniture?

You can contact our furniture manager on +34 613 48 44 76 or send an email to stating which furniture you would like to drop off at the station and by attaching a photo, and we will reply as soon as possible.